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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Fellowship of The King...

is an online magazine with a staff of Catholic homeschoolers and homeschool graduates dedicated to merging spirituality and creativity with a diverse array of content and subject matter. Through a series of unexpected events this past June, your lately errant blogger became the Editor-in-Chief of this worthy enterprise. Hopefully this goes some ways in explaining my tardiness in putting up fresh posts for the masses (along with an ER trip for repeated and extremely painful kidney stones and later on, a strained wrist...but I digress!).

    I plan on trying to rectify this in the coming weeks, but for now, I feel that is my obligation to assure you all that I have not been lounging in a hammock in the Caribbean with an umbrella drink in hand, soaking up the sun in the company of Sean Connery. If that were so, you would have every justification to bring Pearl to Tyburn and make hang her up by the thumbs.

     But the proof of my innocence lies in the link below, which will take you to our magazine bi-annual-themed-page-spread-issues tab, which includes a second link (this of it as a treasure hunt!) which will direct you to the issuu format of our Autumn 2015 Fantasy/Sci-Fi Issue, Part 1:

     As the first installment to be released under my leadership, I'd really appreciate it if all my loyal readers from over here would come and bask in the glow of the project, like, share, leave comments, and scream "Elvis, Elvis!"...or something equivalent to mark the occasion! Everyone involved did a splendid job making this group effort a reality, and I once again thank them all as we prepare to take the magazine to new and exciting places on the world wide web! :)

The Fellowship...that's us!

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